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HR Managers Should Partner With Real Estate Agents

Moving to a new city, getting acclimated at a new company and trying to find a new home–these are difficult things to do at once. HR managers overseeing recently hired employees should always have top real estate agents in their contact book.

A real estate agent can help the new recruit with all of the following:

  1. Understand their new city, identify best commuting routes and locate important landmarks (schools, places of worship, etc..)
  2. Survey the local real estate market and get a feel for how much living costs are
  3. Find a local lender to get qualified for a mortgage
  4. Smartly enter into the bidding process on homes
  5. Hire property inspectors and contractors (a good agent can recommend a few top companies in each category)
  6. Successfully purchase a new home and ensure that the entire transaction goes smoothly
  7. Follow up with additional needed resources like insurance agents, handymen and designers
  8. Make other introductions as needed and always serve as a resource for future requests

Top real estate agents offer all of these advantages and know what it means to offer a comprehensive service package.  HR managers can reach out to to request an info packet for employee reference.


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