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Arlington Real Estate

Located just 6 miles outside of Boston, Arlington was first founded more than 350 years ago and has a deeply historic and cultural heritage that it is very proud of. Not only was it Uncle Sam’s birthplace and home to the first public library for children and was the location of the majority of fighting that occurred when the British Army marched through when the Revolutionary War began.
In its formative years, the city started as a successful and productive farming community and was famous in particular for its own variety of lettuce. It also, interestingly, was big in the ice industry, from the middle of the 19th Century right up until 1930 when its last remaining ice house burned down. Most of the ice was sold and sent on from Spy Pond to India and the Caribbean by Frederic Tudor who was affectionately known as the Ice King.
Arlington is connected to other Massachusetts towns and cities, Cambridge, Lexington, and Bedford by the popular paved road known as the Minuteman Bikeway. Residents enjoy running, walking, cycling, and skating along the trail.