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Brookline Real Estate

Situated in Norfolk County and part of the Greater Boston area, Brookline borders with West Roxbury, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Fenway-Kenway, Allston, and Brighton and is to the east of Newton. Perhaps the most notable thing about Brookline is the fact that it is home to 83 Beals Street is in Coolidge Corner and is a historic site that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and looked after by National Park Service. It is also home to Fairsted, the 100-years old design office, and headquarters of Frederick Law Olmsted, the celebrated landscape architect.

Intriguingly, one of the oldest puppet theatres in the country, the Puppet Showplace Village is based in Brookline Village. As well as a number of excellent juniors, middle and further education institutions being established there, parts of Boston University, like Boston College and Wheelock College and Parsons Field, a part of Northeastern University are all found in Brookline.

As well as the 35th president, Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback lived in Brookline during his tenure with the team, and Larry Bird lived there during his time with the Boston Celtics.