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Cambridge Real Estate

Cambridge sits parallel to Boston, with the Charles River separating them. The city is currently the fifth most populated in Massachusetts, just behind Lowell, Springfield, Worcester, and Boston. Famous as a center of education, it is the home of Hult International Business School, Lesley University, and two globally esteemed intuitions – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University.

While California and Seattle are often cited as being meccas for technology and innovation, Kendall Square in the city of Cambridge has been referred to as “the world’s most innovative square mile”. That is down to the fact that a significant number of highly successful startups have been established and developed in the area since 2010.

Like the rest of Massachusetts, Cambridge is home to various museums and art institutions such as the Harvard Art Museum, MIT Museum and the Harvard Museum of Natural History, which is also home to the popular and Glass Flowers collection.

Some affectionately refer to Cambridge as the City of Squares thanks to Central Square, Porter Square, Kendall Square, Inman Square, and Harvard Square all being located within the boundaries of the city. Central Square, found nestled between MIT and Harvard University, is the best place to go for a night out or for a bite to eat, thanks to the sheer number of cafes, boutiques, dance clubs, music houses, pubs, and restaurants found there.