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Medford Real Estate

Based along the Mystic River and around 6 miles to the northwest of Boston’s thriving downtown district, is Medford. When it was first incorporated in 1892, it was a thriving center of industry and was the location of leading productions of rum, tile, and brick to name a few. For real crime fans, it is significant as being the location of one of the biggest jewel heists and bank robberies in the country’s history.

For nostalgic reasons, a restaurant that is now in the property that the robbers used to hide in, has kept the hole they had made in the ceiling that they used to crawl into when they were hiding from the authorities.

Perhaps the most noted residents of Medford are Amelia Earhart, the aviation pioneer and writer famous for being the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic, who lived there in 1925 when she was working as a social worker, Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire businessman and former Mayor of New York. Jessica Biel, the actress also spent time living in the city when she attended Tufts University.

If you love cheesy Christmas songs, you may like to know that the king of all cheesy festive songs, Jingle Bells has its origins in Medford. James Pierpoint penned the popular earworm tune there.