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Saugus Real Estate

First settled in 1629, Saugus sits alongside the river of the same name, occupying an area of some 11.8 square miles just inland from Massachusetts Bay. The town is bordered by the villages of Lynnfield and Lynn, each of which take their name from Kings Lynn in Norfolk, England. The most recent census puts the population of Saugus at around 26,000 people.
Saugus is on US Route 1 which serves as a major commuter route to and from Boston. It was once famous for a neon cactus measuring 68ft high on top of a restaurant, now sadly no longer to be seen. The name Saugus is from the Algonquin language and means ‘great’. In the early days, the economy was based around a short-lived ironworks. The remains of the works have been excavated and the site is now a major visitor attraction.
Saugus Hugh School is highly regarded within the area, while the town is also home to the first incineration plant to be built in the USA, and which still operates today. A quiet and pleasant town with plenty of green space such as Pranker’s Pond, a popular picnic area, Saugus is mainly a commuter town to the nearby city of Boston and other major towns.