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Somerville Real Estate

Located to the north of Cambridge and northwest of Boston, Somerville is famous for the welcoming attitude of residents and locals. Like another popular Massachusetts city, Cambridge, Somerville has a large number of squares, with Teele Square, Davis Square, Assembly Square, and Ball Square being among the most important.
Archibald Query helped to put the city on the map, thanks to the famous Canadian American confectioner’s most celebrated invention, Marshmallow Fluff. While Dais Square is where Somerville Theatre is found, the hosting venue of the Independent Film Festival of Boston, held there every spring.
Similarly, to other Massachusetts cities and towns, Somerville is adorned with many green spaces and features the popular Somerville Community Path. The Community Path is a rail-trail lined with trees that connect the Davis Square Cambridge Border to Lowell Street, as well as Alewife Linear Park which also connects to Fitchburg Cutoff Path and Minuteman Bikeway.
For an insight into the city’s past, The Somerville Museum features a great collection of memorabilia and includes artistic and historical exhibits. Found at Central Street. Another notable event held in the city is the Memorial Day Parade, which takes place every May.