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Watertown Real Estate

Named after the numerous falls found along the Black River, Watertown developed into a thriving center of manufacturing and industry. Although functioning as a city by state law, Watertown is one of 13 municipalities in Massachusetts that retains its ‘town’ title. The city borders Brighton, Newton, and Belmont and sits to the east of Cambridge via Mount Auburn Cemetery, itself a famous landmark and point of interest. (Referred to as the first garden cemetery in America and was founded in 1831.

Curiously, for a considerable amount of time, Watertown had a larger population than Boston. The residents took to the streets in 1962 because they didn’t want to pay towards a stockade fort built in Cambridge. These protests were notable as the first in the country against taxes where the protestors were not led by official representation.

Boston, the Tom Scholtz-led rock group who took their name from the city, recorded their 17 times platinum album, also titled Boston, at the famous Foxglove Studio, located in Watertown. Watertown is also home to Watertown Arsenal, The Armenian Library and Museum of America, and the Perkins School for the Blind, showing the cultural diversity of the city.